Climate Scientists: Coal-funded #Fakexpert Willie Soon was Never Credible.

"The science that Willie Soon does is almost pointless."

- NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt, to the New York Times


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Wille Soon's Fall from Grace: Climate Denier #Fakexpert Has Extreme Conflicts of Interest

Extra Extra! Read all about climate denial scientist Willie Soon's dirty money from petrochemical billionaire Charles Koch, coal utility Southern Company, oil giant ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel companies to deny the science of climate change!

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Four Years After Greenpeace Sting: PR Firm Dumps Oil Lobbyists

Perhaps you heard the good news - the world's largest public relations firm, Edelman, just spun off an advertising subsidiary so that it could show a commitment to not aiding the denial of climate change science.

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Bjorn Lomborg Think Tank Funder Revealed As Billionaire Republican 'Vulture Capitalist' Paul Singer

By Graham Readfern, crossposted from DeSmogBlog.

A billionaire “vulture capitalist” and major backer of the US Republican Party is a major funder of the think tank of Danish climate science contrarian and fossil fuels advocate Bjørn Lomborg, DeSmogBlog has found.

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position Researcher

Dr. Wei-Hock "Willie" Soon is an astrophysicist employed by the Smithsonian Institution at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophsycical Observatory's Solar and Stellar Physics Division. Since 1992, he has been a scholar at Mount Wilson Observatory.


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