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Chevron Relentlessly Punked by the Yes Men

Chevron takes responsibility for its most eggregious externalities? No way.

In coordination with the launch of a new Chevron ad campaign aimed at boosting public approval of their perceived corporate responsibility, the Yes Men, Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch carried out an elaborate public relations jam in which Chevron appeared to be owning up to its environmental and human rights crimes around the world.  Yeah, right.

The fake webpage and press release that the Yes Men published fooled several media outlets before they realized they were a juxtaposition of Chevron's continued corporate offenses.  Chevron released a reaction to the press, but the Yes Men countered with their own statement on behalf of the oil giant through another fake webpage, causing further confusion.  The fake response drew more attention to Chevron's multi-million dollar advertising budget and the ongoing lawsuit in Ecuador over Chevron's role in cleaning up after Texaco, which it purchased in 2001.  The merger was steered by current Chevron CEO John Watson.

The Yes Men are now calling on the public to continue punking Chevron's ad campaign.  For a more detailed synopsis of how Monday's antics unfolded, check out the Yes Men's press release.

John Watson

Naples, Italy

There is a major pollution disaster happening in Europe: the "garbage disposal" problems in Naples, Italy.
Where is Green Peace? Why Green Peace does not send there any "observers", volunteers, advisers? No protesters? No banners? No showing of support to the people left alone by their politicians?? There is a crime against nature and the population going on there. People have been dying of cancer, Food and water have been poisoned. Is this a story that is not too "photogenic" to get involved in?? Are these people lives cheaper than whales and penguins?
thank you

I would contact Greenpeace

I would contact Greenpeace Italy, to start. Greenpeace operates differently out of different countries.


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