Ecuadorians ask Watson to take responsibility for Texaco’s hazardous waste in the Amazon


Amazon Watch has assembled a video directed at Chevron CEO John Waton, asking him to take responsibility for the billions of gallons of dumped contaminants leftover from Texaco operations in Ecuador.  The merger between Chevron and Texaco was steered by Watson, who became CEO on December 31, 2009.

"A heartfelt message from the Amazon rainforest communities in Ecuador to new Chevron CEO John Watson: "We don't want to continue dying of cancer." This video message appeals for Chevron to clean up its massive contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon that has devastated the environment and continues to cause widespread cancer, birth defects, and other ailments."

Video link: Message from Ecuador to Chevron CEO John Watson

Greenpeace International activists shut down Chevron deepwater drilling ship


Earlier today, Greenpeace International activists started taking action against a massive oil drilling ship, stopping it from leaving to drill a deep water well off the Shetland Islands. They are now occupying the ship's anchor chain one mile off the coast.

Anais and Victor climbed up the giant anchor chain of the 228m long drill ship, Stena Carron, and are now suspended from the chain in tents. They are preventing the anchor from being pulled up and effectively blocking the ship from moving to its drill site. Greenpeace International is calling on North Sea governments to adopt a ban on all deepwater drilling.

Two days ago a handful of Greenpeace activists slipped away from our ship, the Esperanza, in Aberdeen and boarded a ferry for the Shetland Islands. Then this morning, when the drill ship looked like it was about to move - they started the peaceful action.

The ship is operated by oil giant Chevron and was due to sail for a site 200km north of the Shetland Islands to drill a well in 500 metres of water in an ecologically sensitive area known as the Atlantic Frontier.

Anais and Victor have just returned from a Greenpeace expedition to the Arctic, where they were members of the team that stopped drilling at a controversial deep water drilling rig operated by Edinburgh-based Cairn Energy.

For the full story, more picture and video links, and live updates, visit GoBeyondOil.

Rachel Maddow: “Oil companies bus in workers for pathetic PR stunt in Ohio.”

Rachel Maddow recently revisited two of her favorite targets: Charles and David Koch.  Maddow discusses David Koch's attempt to run for office (and the gold coins he minted featuring his own face), the funding of Proposition 23 by Koch subsidiary Flint Hills Resources, and the efforts to organize "Rally for Jobs" events by groups receiving Koch money. 

The 2010 Rally for Jobs is this years version of the American Petroleum Institute "Energy Citizens" rallies held last summer, which a leaked letter written by CEO Jack Gerard revealed to be covered in oil money.  Like last summer, oil companies actually bussed employees to attend the rallies, as Maddow reports.

Rachel Maddow has done several previous spotlights on the Koch brothers, including this look at how the Kochs fund the climate denial machine, and a close investigation of Koch Industries' ties to the tea party.

Chevron hires intelligence firms with Blackwater ties

Writing for The Nation, Jeremy Scahill reports that leaked documents reveal Chevron and several other major multinational corporations have consulted security and intelligence firms with ties to Blackwater, the notorious private military contractor.  Blackwater, now known as Xe Services, has close ties to companies Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Center, both of which are owned and chaired by Blackwater founder Erik Prince. 

Other solicitors of the Prince companies include the Walt Dinsney Company, Deutsche Bank, and Monsanto, which expressed interest in using Total Intelligence Solutions to infiltrate animal rights organizations.


The full article can be found in The Nation.  More on Xe (Blackwater) can be found at SourceWatch, Crocodyl and CorpWatch (and their cited sources).

After Valero and Koch donate millions, NPRA president begs for more money to fight Prop 23

Despite obtaining over $4 million from Valero, $1.5 million from Tesoro and $1 million from Koch Industries subsidiary Flint Hills Resources, the president of the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association sent out a plea, literally, for more money to undermine California's legislative effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions and implement more clean energy.

In an email to members of the NPRA, president Charles Drevna wrote, "I am pleading with each of you—for our nation's best interest and for your company's own self-interest."

More can be found at the Wall Street Journal online.

Valero, Koch Industries fund fight against California clean energy and climate legislation

Valero Energy and Koch Industries subsidiary Flint Hills, neither of which are based in California, have invested millions in the industry attempt to suspend California's Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32).  Texas-based Tesoro Corporation, another oil refiner, is also heavily invested in the fight.

As dirty energy influence peddlars are pulling the usual economic apocalypse arguments, a recently-released assessment concluded that not following California's plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions and implement clean energy would be the worse economic option. 

Passing Proposition 23 would simply leave California more polluted and less prosperous, while oil executives and lobbyists would continue to rejoice at their personal profit at the expense of a healthy planet and healthy people.


The full story can be found on the L.A. Times blog, and more at DeSmogBlog.


Picture source here

Chevron had serious Gulf blowout in 2008


"A 2008 Chevron blowout appears in hindsight to have been a rehearsal for Deepwater Horizon and its design problems. Like BP, Chevron was in the final stages of drilling a well aboard Transocean rig Discoverer Deep Seas. Because of the blowout, drillers lost 500,000 gallons of drilling mud into the earth below the wellhead, and spilled 293 gallons onto the ocean floor."

Full article: "Deadly Gulf blowouts persist"

-Houston Chronicle, July 20, 2010

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