Massey Kicks and Screams its Way Through Investigation of Lethal Mine Explosion

As Don Blankenship makes a fuss over federal investigation of an April mine explosion that killed 29 of his employees, six other Massey managers are now filing a lawsuit against the West Virginia Office of Miners Health, Safety and Training (OMHST) after being subpoenaed.  +

Public education, brought to you by Big Oil

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In response to the American Petroleum Institute's "Energy Tomorrow" advertisements, which push the familiar threats of lost jobs and a dead economy if the government ups accountability measures on Big Oil, NRDC has released their own advertisement in response. +

Don Blankenship rails MSHA over investigation of deadly mine explosion

The Associated Press reports that Don Blankenship, the antagonistic CEO of the coal-mining and mountain-leveling company Massey Energy, is accusing the Mine Safety and Health Administration of leading a disingenuous investigation following the deadly explosion in Massey's Upper Big Branch mine in April.  +

Ecuadorians ask Watson to take responsibility for Texaco’s hazardous waste in the Amazon

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Amazon Watch has assembled a video directed at Chevron CEO John Waton, asking him to take responsibility for the billions of gallons of dumped contaminants leftover from Texaco operations in Ecuador.  The merger between Chevron and Texaco was steered by Watson, who became CEO on December 31, 2009. +

Greenpeace International activists shut down Chevron deepwater drilling ship

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Earlier today, Greenpeace International activists started taking action against a massive oil drilling ship, stopping it from leaving to drill a deep water well off the Shetland Islands. They are now occupying the ship's anchor chain one mile off the coast. +

American Petroleum Institute: Who Cares if the Clean Air Act Reduces Death and Illness

The American Petroleum Institute is so bent on protecting the pollution industry that it is willing to cast public health aside in favor of saving a buck. +

Rachel Maddow: “Oil companies bus in workers for pathetic PR stunt in Ohio.”

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Rachel Maddow recently revisited two of her favorite targets: Charles and David Koch.  Maddow discusses David Koch's attempt to run for office (and the gold coins he minted featuring his own face), the funding of Proposition 23 by Koch subsidiary Flint Hills Resources, and the efforts to organize "Rally for Jobs" events by groups receiving Koch money.  +

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