position Vice President - Governmental Affairs

Anthony Kavanagh is a lobbyist for American Electric Power (AEP).  Kavanagh grew up in New York and holds a bachelor's degree in government and politics from Manhattan College and a master's degree in public administration from the University of Southern California.

As Koch Orchestrates Political Strategy Session, Student Demands Debate

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A challenge released today from Cal State LA senior Joel Francis directly confronts Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries, to a debate on Proposition 23 and the future of California's economy. +

Chevron Relentlessly Punked by the Yes Men

Chevron takes responsibility for its most eggregious externalities? No way.

In coordination with the launch of a new Chevron ad campaign aimed at boosting public approval of their perceived corporate responsibility, the Yes Men, Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch carried out an elaborate public relations jam in which Chevron appeared to be owning up to its environmental and human rights crimes around the world.  Yeah, right. +

Heritage Foundation Cuts and Pastes to Upend Scientific Report

ExxonMobil has given $630,000 to the Heritage Foundation since 1998, and the Kochtopus has given over $3 million.


This blog was originally posted on October 4, 2010 +

Study Finds Big Oil Money Controls Federal Research Spending, Influences Academia

Who needs academic freedom when you got money?

Oil companies are dictating future energy options by choosing which academic research projects recieve funding. +

position Lobbyist

Patrick Quinn is a lobbyist with the Accord Group, which he joined in 1998.  Quinn had previously worked for the Environmental Protection Agency as Associate Administrator for Congressional Affairs from 1986-1992.  He also is a former employee of the National Trade Association, has experience as a Senate assistant and as an executive assistant in the Department of Agriculture.

Clean Coal Propaganda Delivered Right to Your Door

The mobile "classroom" hands out balloons and lies to unsuspecting passers by. 

Take a sticker kids!

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