Greenpeace letter to Alliant Enegy regarding American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Greenpeace letter to Alliant Enegy regarding American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Patricia L. Kampling, CEO, President and Chairperson

Jim H. Gallegos, VP & General Counsel

Doug Kopp, VP of Environmental Affairs


February 20, 2014

Dear Ms. Pat Kampling, Mr. Jim Gallegos, and Mr. Doug Kopp, +

Greenpeace letter to NiSource regarding American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Greenpeace letter to NiSource regarding American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Robert C. Skaggs, Jr., President and CEO

Carrie J. Hightman, Executive VP and Chief Legal Officer

Glen L. Kettering, Senior VP of Corporate Affairs

February 20, 2014

Dear Mr. Bob Skaggs, Ms. Carrie Hightman and Mr. Glen Kettering,

We are writing to express our concern for the extensive support provided by NiSource to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and request NiSource disassociate and stop funding ALEC immediately. +

Greenpeace letter to Dominion Resources regarding American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Greenpeace letter to Dominion Resources regarding American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Thomas F. Farrell II, Chairman, President and CEO

Robert M. Blue, SVP of Law, Public Policy, Environment, State & Federal Affairs

Pamela F. Faggert, VP and Chief Environmental Officer

February 20, 2014

Dear Mr. Thomas Farrell, Mr. Robert Blue, and Ms. Pamela Faggert, +

VIDEO: We Are All Connected - ALEC vs. Democracy

This new video from Greenpeace USA relates to our involvement in the Democracy Initiative, a coalition of groups working across issues to promote broader solutions to increase democratic participation, limit the abuse of corporate power and lessen the political influence of money. +

Tar sands satire shut down after complaints from law firm tied to oil industry

See video

Political satirists Andy Cobb and Mike Damanskis recently began a new video project to document the tar sands of Canada. But a law firm who represents Exxon and other tar sands interests has begun filing complaints, and had their video pulled off youtube. +

James Inhofe fundraiser email invites Google to "upset the environementalists"

This email fundraiser was sent by James Inhofe one day after Google held a fundraiser for him in Washington DC. The Google fundraiser was protested by groups concerned with Senator Inhofe's attacks on climate scientists.


Residents speak out about Exxon's Arkansas oil spill

Known Associates: 

On March 29, ExxonMobil spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil in the small town of Mayflower, Arkansas. Exxon, the most profitable corporation in history, has yet to account for more than 126,000 gallons of the spilled oil. +


National Mining Association


101 Constitution Ave. NW

Suite 500 East

Washington, D.C. 20001


The National Mining Association (NMA) is the national trade organization of the U.S. mining industry.

Formed in 1995 and comprised of over 300 corporate members, it is the largest and most powerful lobbying group representing the mining industry. NMA does not disclose who its members are. According to its website, the goal of the NMA is to “represent the interests of mining before Congress, the Administration, federal agencies, the judiciary and the media.” +


NMA recently began an astroturf campaign in support of exporting coal mined in the US overseas. NMA’s members include Peabody Energy, one of the largest potential beneficiaries from exporting US coal.
NMA spent $4.8 million on lobbying in 2012. One of the lobbying firms contracted by NMA is the influential Podesta Group.
From 1997 to the 2012 election cycle, NMA had spent over $40 million on lobbying, primarily on bills related to clean energy and green jobs, the regulation of greenhouse gases, coal mine reclamation, and carbon capture and storage.
Gregory H. Boyce, the current CEO of Peabody Energy, served as Chairman of the National Mining Assocaition.
NMA, with input from Peabody Energy, authored the talking points used by republicans against the Waxman Markey climate change bill that failed in 2010. The National Mining Association was listed as the ninth-largest association contributor to the anti-climate change effort, spending $4.2 million, primarily on the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill (HR 2454) to delay EPA GHG reductions
The Natinal Mining Assocaition runs COALPAC and MINEPAC, political action commitees that supports pro-mining candidates.
In 2010 NMA, the American Petroleum Institute, and other groups represeting the fossil fuel industry met with key Republican politicians including James Inhofe and Fred Upton to discuss President Obama's energy policy. The goal of the meeting was to "to lay the groundwork for a sweeping Republican-led effort to undercut Obama's climate agenda."
In 2011 Scholastic, the childrens books publisher, was caught distributing propaganda created by the National Mining Association to schools around the country. 66,000 fourth grade teachers received tralking points written by NMA to build into lesson plans.

Known Associates: 

Frackalypse Now! Cartoon lampoons actual military psy-ops used by oil & gas companies

Check out the latest cartoon by Mark Fiore, a spoof on the real-life habit of oil and gas companies to employ military specialists trained in psycological operations to convince U.S. landowners to sell their land for hydraulic fracturing. +

position Congressman, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Environment

Born July 15, 1960

Member of the LDS Church

Graduated from Utah State University in 1984

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