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ExxonMobil is the largest of the six multinational oil supermajors and one of the biggest energy companies worldwide, with...

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5 November 2012

This guest article was written by Mary Bottari and Sara Jerving of the Center for Media and Democracy,...

31 October 2012

Duh. That's probably what you thought to yourself when you read my headline.

Yes, as American families on the east coast are reeling from an unprecedented weather disaster...

22 October 2012

The octopus has a remarkable ability--it can blend seamlessly with its...

20 September 2012

Written by Steve Horn, crossposted from DeSmogBlog...

14 September 2012

This year, the oil, gas and coal industries combined have spent more than $153 million on ads promoting fossil fuels and attacking renewables, according to the...


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