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Lisa Jaeger is a lobbyist for Bracewell & Giuliani who specializes in cases...

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Lisa Jaeger

status "Any alleged Clean Air Act authority for EPA to regulate carbon dioxide is just that: alleged." - Lisa Jaeger
10 September 2013

Written by Cindy Baxter, crossposted from Greenpeace: Dealing in Doubt.

Who likes being lied to by people paid by the oil industry who pose as “experts” on climate change?

Did you know it’s been going on for 25 years?

17 March 2011

Crossposted from Greenpeace USA.


18 November 2010

For information on the coal industry's backroom lobbying to prevent the classification of coal ash as "hazardous," check out the recent DeSmogBlog/PolluterWatch report, Coal Fired Utilities to American Public: Kiss My Ash [pdf]Also refer to the new Greenpeace map of high-hazard coal ash locations.

See video
27 October 2010

DeSmogBlog and PolluterWatch present: Coal Fired Utilities to American Public: Kiss My Ash [pdf].  This report reveals that between October, 2009 and April, 2010 industry representatives held at least 33 meetings with White House Office of Management and Budget staff--at least 4 months before the first public hearing on the proposed ruling on coal ash was held on August 30th.

5 February 2010

This week the inimitable Raw Story released some terrific investigative reporting about how big corporations have spent the past several years funneling money to their trade associations so they can dump their corporate profits into influencing our elections:

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