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Founded in 1984 in Chicago, the Heartland Institute is a libertarian "think tank" that bills itself as "a national nonprofit...

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Heartland Institute

27 September 2013

Yet another Google-funded organization is out promoting conspiracy theories about the threat of man-made global warming.

23 September 2013

Here's one climate change denier who really doesn't want you to think twice about his funding from Koch, coal and oil: Dr. Willie Soon, freshly profiled in today's...

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23 September 2013

Yesterday, the Heritage Foundation hosted The Heartland Institute's CEO Joseph Bast, along with two of Heartland's contracted climate denial scientists (...

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13 September 2013

As we've told the Heartland Institute directly through Twitter, their response to our new report...

7 August 2013

New internal documents obtained by the Center...


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