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Founded in 1984 in Chicago, the Heartland Institute is a libertarian "think tank" that bills itself as "a national nonprofit...

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Heartland Institute

24 February 2015

"The science that Willie Soon does is almost pointless."

- NASA climate scientist Gavin...
29 August 2014

If you're John Stossel and you want to host a segment to rail against the US Environmental Protection Agency, who ought you call?

It turns out, a man who was convicted and sentenced to...

20 May 2014

(Not an internet nerd liek the author? Check out what "...

30 April 2014

Well, this is the most embarrassed that the Heartland Institute has been since...21 days ago when they were run in circles for their...

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27 September 2013

Yet another Google-funded organization is out promoting conspiracy theories about the threat of man-made global warming.

23 September 2013

Here's one climate change denier who really doesn't want you to think twice about his funding from Koch, coal and oil: Dr. ...

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