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Donald Leon "Don" Blankenship (born March 14, 1950) is the Chairman and CEO of Massey Energy Co., the sixth largest coal company (by 2008 production) in the...

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status "At the end of the day, Don Blankenship is going to die with more money than he needs."
19 November 2010

Yale Environment 360, MediaStorm and Appalachian Voices have collaborated on a 20-minute documentary titled "Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountain Top Removal Mining."  The cinematography and testimonials are amazing, and the film is an excellent look at how coal companies like Massey Energy have the state of West Virginia at their mercy. 

18 November 2010

For information on the coal industry's backroom lobbying to prevent the classification of coal ash as "hazardous," check out the recent DeSmogBlog/PolluterWatch report, Coal Fired Utilities to American Public: Kiss My Ash [pdf]Also refer to the new Greenpeace map of high-hazard coal ash locations.

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12 November 2010

Officials responsible for safety at the Upper Big Branch coal mine during the April 3rd, 2010 disaster have decided to live by the old maxim “better to keep your mouth shut and appear guilty than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

23 September 2010

As Don Blankenship makes a fuss over federal investigation of an April mine explosion that killed 29 of his employees, six other Massey managers are now filing a lawsuit against the West Virginia Office of Miners Health, Safety and Training (OMHST) after being subpoenaed. 

22 September 2010

The Associated Press reports that Don Blankenship, the antagonistic CEO of the coal-mining and mountain-leveling company Massey Energy, is accusing the Mine Safety and Health Administration of leading a disingenuous investigation following the deadly explosion in Massey's Upper Big Branch mine in April. 

1 September 2010

In October, 2009, the Yes Men took the irresponsibility of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce into their own hands, holding a press conference on behalf of the Chamber to announce what changes in their position on climate change need to be taken in order to support effective solutions.  A Chamber employee crashed the conference before it concluded, putting the Chamber in a position where it had to clarify that it still was opposing legislation and other efforts designed to address global warming.

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21 July 2010

David Roberts, “Massey Energy CEO is a really bad dude”, Grist, 24 Oct 2006

21 July 2010

Michael Shnayerson, “The Truth About Don Blankenship,” Vanity Fair, April 15, 2010

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